What I’m doing these days.

Well, since graduation from lovely Lee University, I have been hanging out in Tennessee and working. (Could be worse.)


With Dr. Laney (advisor and telecommunications prof) on graduation day.

I had the opportunity to get an internship with COG World Missions’ video team last summer and since then it has turned into a nice little freelance editing job. I get to work with some great people. Through COGWM, I am editing videos for a great ministry called Children of the World. These videos are to raise support for orphanages all over the world. House of Hope | Thailand is one of my favorites.

I guess you could say I’m kinda doing the corporate grind, 9-5, just without the time card. I’ve been busier than I expected since graduating. Time already feels like it’s flying. Of course, it’s not even been a month.

At Lee, I was the student leader for a service club, Backyard Ministry, for a year and a half. Out of anything in which I was involved during school, I took more joy in that. I certainly feel that it is time for me to move on from the organization/leadership role but my heart will always be with the families and kids with whom I have built relationships. I am thankful to have this summer still in town with them so that it wouldn’t be such an abrupt goodbye after graduation.

Through the friendship I formed with one Backyard family in particular, I became a Godmother. 🙂

First Communion

Goddaughter at her First Communion

…whose responsibilities, i found out, include getting the child dressed and ready the morning of her first communion. And figuring out how to keep that dumb veil secured in her thin, silky hair. I was nervous about having to participate in the ceremony but thankfully I didn’t have to. I don’t even think they allow non-Catholics to participate in mass/communion. (?)

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