Love letter.

I recently found this in an old journal entry from 2007. It’s a letter I wrote myself from God’s view and you have no idea how badly I needed this reminder.

  • “It is time you know that I love you. Not carnal love like you have experienced before, but a holy, violent, passionate, complete, radical, divine, unconditional love. Love that makes Me see you as only beautiful. You have partially believed when others have called you beautiful. You have learned to mistrust from those who said they loved you and proved unfaithful. Believe me when I say, ‘No one has or will ever love you like I love you’.

There’s no way I could have known four years ago how much this would mean to me now and there is no telling how much more it will probably mean to me years down the road.

“I don’t have time to maintain these regrets when I think about the way He loves us.” -J. M. McMillan

4 thoughts on “Love letter.

  1. I can hardly see through the tears…the only words that could possibly express my thoughts are “I love you!” Mom

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