Honduras 2011 Trip [the before]

If I am counting correctly this will be my 7th trip to the Central American country of Honduras. My first trip was in ninth grade. Seven years later, I am a different person… largely because of my exposure to this strange and beautiful culture.

One of my first trips. El Jardín, Copán, HN.

When I first visited Honduras everything was new to me. The language, flying in an airplane, the food, the way of life many people lived that was so different than my comfortable little subdivision culture. I wasn’t necessarily shocked, but more-so enamored and intrigued. That first trip opened up a new world to me. It brought missionary stories that I had always heard as a child to life right before my eyes.

Occasionally I go back and read my travel journal from that trip. It is very insightful to see how my perspective has transformed from then to now just by the descriptions that I gave. I told of the frightening traffic in the city and the typical tortilla-and-bean meals. I had met a boy named Jorge and I spelled his name “Horhay” because that is how it sounded to me. I saw everything with a pair of gringo* eyes. Everything that I wrote was a portrayal of some cultural element held up to a North American backdrop. If something didn’t make since to me it was because it was different from that which i was familiar. At an elementary level, I was assessing the Honduran culture by comparison. I was mentally sorting through what made them, them and what made us, us. At first glance Honduras was new and new = different. By now I am so accustomed to it that I see more similarities than differences.


El Paraiso, Copán, HN.

Each year, for about a decade or more, Argo Christian Fellowship has sent a team to the Copán region of Honduras to help provide medical attention to many people who live hours from access to a doctor. They team up with some great local doctors and dentists to host clinics, usually in small concrete school or church buildings. Oftentimes these villages are hard to reach and depending on the rainfall, might only be accessible by foot or horseback.

  • One of the worst experiences I had was hiking a couple miles uphill to a pueblo called Santa Lucía. Each step had to be taken deliberately in order to not lose my shoe in the deep, sticky mud that formed a suction up to my ankle each time. We took turns carrying duffle bags of medicine along the way and I don’t think one team member made it to the clinic site without having been covered in mud from slipping and falling at least once. We had a good laugh later on but my journal entry that night began with illegible scratches and scribbles out of pure exhaustion and frustration followed by “this is how I feel right now.”
I have returned for these medical brigades several times and have also joined other trips to the country. Once with my university and once on an independent trip with my cousin, Katelyn. I have truly been blown away by how this country and people involved here have become intertwined in SO many areas of my life through the years. It has been like the common thread in EVERYTHING I have done since high school graduation. And I love it. (That is another story for another post.)
Anyone who knows me knows that my first love is Honduras and her people. These trips have brought some of the best and biggest changes in my life and have confirmed my calling and so many things. It hasn’t always been glamorous and giddy grins. There were times when I questioned if I would ever return to the country… or if I even wanted to. I’ve had good and bad experiences. BUT I can see the faithful hand of my God and how He has been so deeply involved in even the most intricate details. I am only in the middle of it and cannot wait to see what is in the future – with this trip, and beyond.

We're not that different at all. (trip 2007)

9 thoughts on “Honduras 2011 Trip [the before]

  1. love love love. i’m pretty sure this is my 8th trip, but my first one in 5 years! crazy!! i absolutely agree with everything you said. might have to share this on fb. :o) can’t WAIT to see you in the beautiful country of honduras in just a few short days!

  2. blessings, glad to see this.
    bless you.

    Check out short story slam week 5, write a poem or a story based on the image, have fun!
    Bless your day!
    hope to see you share and create.

  3. Me alegra por mi país que hallan personas que puedan amarlo. si bienes es cierto se le menciona como uno de los países mas corruptos y peligrosos. pero me alegra que personas como tu que se han dado cuenta que somo un pueblo amables y cariñosas. tan solo necesitamos gente como tu, que estén dispuestas a colaborar un poco con nuestro país para encaminarnos a salir de la ruina que a sido solo el producto por personas que han gobernado por tiempos nuestra economía y asta nuestra cultura. pues nos han vendido culturas que no es la de nuestros antepasados, que fueron hombres y mujeres trabajador que aman la paz, hemos sido contaminados por costumbres y tradiciones perjuiciosa de extranjero mal intencionados que solo buscando su interes desde el principio nos instaron a las guerras tan solo por beneficios propios y desde entonces esto arruino nuestros pueblos. gracias a Dios que tu as podido encontrar entre nosotros tu llamado, que estoy seguro es el llamado al amor y compasión, y espero puedas trasmitir entre nosotros ese sentimiento de amor y compasión que es un principio que tanto estamos necesitando ..

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