Hogar Esperanza + the challenges of missions video production

I am now in the editing process of Hogar Esperanza‘s support video.

HE fcp

Beginning stages of editing.

I love working on a project that I believe in so much! The problem is that I don’t have the most ideal studio space but my “studio” (laptop, external harddrives, camera) is mobile and that is great for this phase of my life. (I spent about 25% of my family vacation editing in the beach condo) Another problem I have is managing my time wisely… I have to get strict with myself in order to get anything accomplished on time.

My goal is to have this project finished before I leave for Panamá. (in a week!) And I have so much to do between now and then.


Filming at the Home

It had been over a year since I had seen the children at Hogar Esperanza. I stayed there for a few weeks in 2009 and visited them shortly in 2010. This time when I saw them, the older ones remembered me and it took a little time for the younger ones to warm back up to me. Also, there was a new sibling group that I had not yet met. Before arriving I was debating in my mind how I would introduce the camera around them and whether it would be more effective to film initially then spend time with them or to let them get comfortable with me before I brought the camera out. (this is a common dilemma in filming… and even in anthropological studies) I wasn’t sure how to be discrete enough that I didn’t affect their candid behavior and daily routine. Honestly, only a hidden camera would be able to capture true, candid behavior so I knew that my presence alone would alter the results that I got on camera.

The first two days were a challenge. Some kids were more cooperative than others. Several of them are little jokesters and like to aggravate. (which I would tolerate and/or welcome in any other circumstance) In the past I was able to just play with them and let them pick on me and chase them around the yard but now I was there “on business” and they didn’t really understand that the first few days. Some wanted to be around me and/or play with the camera, some would turn their head or cover their face every time they saw the camera pointed toward them and some would freeze and just stare… which does not look natural if it is in the middle of, for example, dinner or homework time.

It took some time but after some coaching and explaining from Angie, they got accustomed to the camera and I was able to get some great shots of everyday life in Hogar Esperanza. Since I am making a video to be shown mainly in church services, I will have to limit it to 5 minutes or under but I think I have enough good footage and interviews to create a short documentary. (it could turn into that in the future) 😉

Now back to editing…

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