He who loves…

I spent this past weekend in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina with a beautiful group of people involved in a brand new hispanic church called Punto de Gracia. (Grace Point) I am thankful for friends like these who love the Lord and are following His lead to reach people.

I was given the opportunity to speak on missions and what I would be doing in Panamá, during both the Sunday morning and night services. I showed my video from the Honduras medical brigades and talked about a fraction of the ways that I saw God move on that trip. I was timid because 1. I am not thrilled to be in front of a group of people. (I can handle it but it typically isn’t my favorite) 2. I am not confident enough in my Spanish to be giving unrehearsed presentations.

I wasn’t really expecting much. It would have been normal if they only listened, nodded and went on with their day. Many other larger churches with higher economic statuses do this, so thinking by worldly economics, it would make sense that they would not give much if at all. But God is the owner of all resources and He does not adjust himself to our systems of government and economics, but lives according to a higher law.

I received a love offering that, compared to my expectations, was huge. I was so touched by the congregation’s generosity. I was also encouraged by a note that a girl wrote me about how I inspired her. I felt so humbled by the response because I had felt so inadequate trying to speak. When I shared about the love offering with Dr. Edwin, with whose family I will be staying in Panamá, he told me, “Él que tiene no da, él que ama da.” …

“He who has does not give, he who loves gives.”

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