Self-discovery in Central America

  • Well, this post is all about me. And it is long. I admit it. So, if I come across as an uninteresting person to you, stop reading now. (which is everyone but my grandmother) 😉 It is really for me to play the role of my own psychologist and lay everything out as I am making decisions for the next step in my life.

In the midst of appreciating every second in which I am living, I am wisely making plans for the future. I am considering certifications, courses, higher education and possible job opportunities. Honestly, if I could just travel the world and live peaceably with loan-providers in return for simply loving and meeting new people, I would. But we are all aware that no one really does that. I am an idealist but I am also acutely aware of reality.


In my attempt to become more self-aware (which I think is a noble pursuit that every individual should do more often and not near as narcissistic as it seems) I was reminded of two important personality tests that I have taken that were pretty spot on in their analyses: the Myers-Briggs and Strengthsquest quizzes. These confirmed things that I already knew about myself and also gave me some very helpful insight about my interests, motivation and how I interact with other people. Here are the results:

(it is SCARY how accurate some of these assessments are)

<>Strengthsquest top 5 strengths

  1. Input: have a craving to know more. Often they like to collect and archive all kinds of information.
  2. Intellection: are characterized by their intellectual activity. They are introspective and appreciate intellectual discussions.
  3. Connectedness: have faith in the links between all things. They believe there are few coincidences and that almost every event has a reason.
  4. Belief: have certain core values that are unchanging. Out of these values emerges a defined purpose for their life.
  5. Futuristic: are inspired by the future and what could be. They inspire others with their visions of the future.

<>Myers-Briggs ENFP role variant Champion (or inspirer)

[Extraversion, Intuition, Feeling, Perception] (1. believe it or not, I think it is a close call on the extraversion vs. introversion one and 2. I will admit I have a tendency to clash with Thinking, Judging types and work best with Introverted)

  • ENFPs tend to be more abstract than concrete.
  • They tend to withhold judgment and delay important decisions, preferring to “keep their options open” should circumstances change.
  • They are initiators of change, keenly perceptive of possibilities. They energize and stimulate others through their contagious enthusiasm. They prefer the start-up phase of a project or relationship, and are tireless in the pursuit of new-found interests. ENFPs are able to anticipate the needs of others. They are at their best in fluid situations that allow them to express their creativity and use their charisma. They tend to idealize people, and can be disappointed when reality fails to fulfill their expectations. They are easily frustrated if a project requires a great deal of follow-up or attention to detail.
  • Champions delight in novelty. They are optimistic, enthusiastic, and vivacious, craving expressions of strong emotion. With a dramatic flair, they share their experiences with others, hoping to reveal some universal truth or win others over in support of a cause. Attuned to possibilities, Champions scan their environment, probing the emotions, needs, and motivations of others.
  • Responds to the explicit (and implicit) wants of others, and may even create an internal conflict between the subject’s own needs and the desire to meet the needs of others.
  • Seeks precision, such as the exact word to express an idea. It notices the minute distinctions that define the essence of things, then analyzes and classifies them.
  • Champions are introspective, cooperative, informative, and expressive. Champions have a strong desire to make their thoughts known to the world. When Champions speak or write, they are often hoping to use their convictions to motivate others to participate in advocacy or they hope to reveal a hidden truth about the human experience. Champions are greatly concerned with ethics and justice and have a strong desire to speak about current issues and events. They are the most inspiring and animated of the role variants.
  • They are constantly seeking to learn about everything that has to do with advancement of good and the retreat of evil in the world.
  • Champions are keen observers of the people around them. They have exceptional intuitive abilities and are capable of intensely concentrating on a particular individual. Champions are often able to read hidden emotions and to place significance on the actions of others. Champions are constantly scanning their social environment and intriguing characters are not likely to escape their attention. Their attention is usually active rather than passive. Champions are sensitive and alert to what is possible.
  • Quick to become enthusiastic; especially in regards to social or humanitarian causes. Many champions project their intuitive and perceptive abilities out into the world and are constantly wondering about future possibilities that can improve themselves, others, or situations. This can get champions into trouble if they do not express this to others correctly; or if others or groups take suggestions from champions as criticism or as the champion telling them what to do, instead of viewing it as the offering of an idea. This can confuse champions who have not yet realized that some people do not like change, or that some people can perceive this offering of advice in regards to change as the identification of a defect.
  • Need approval and appreciation from others.
  • Dislike performing routine tasks.
  • Service-oriented; likely to put the needs of others above their own.
ENFP ideal career choices

  • Consultant
  • Psychologist
  • Entrepreneur
  • Actor
  • Teacher
  • Counselor
  • Politician / Diplomat
  • Writer / Journalist
  • Television Reporter
(*one notable probable Champion: Martin Luther King Jr.) 🙂

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