This week.

This week has included:

washing clothes

Girls I tutor at the home.

  • English tutoring
  • my failed (and shameful) attempt at singing the U.S. national anthem for Panamanian children (I think I just skipped a line or two)
  • frustrating visit to my cell phone service provider store discovering that the multiple nonsense texts that they send me daily actually use my minutes if I even open them
  • rain (three times today alone)
  • google search of masters programs in Community/International Development
  • only scoring an 88% on an online Spanish proficiency test 😦
  • …consequently realizing my need for a review: finding online Spanish grammar practice exercises and adding them to my daily routine (I miss having class)
  • seeing Lion King (El Rey León) in 3D in theaters for only $6 (score!)
  • …falling asleep to the Lion King soundtrack every night since…
  • researching resources to teach English as a second language to children (I’ve never had any training)
  • considering tentative future plans (one of which is getting TESOL certified and teaching abroad)
  • brainstorming about other needs of the children’s home and how to meet them (like how to get the kids screened for possible learning disabilities)

2 thoughts on “This week.

  1. Hey Kristen! I realize this is an old post. I just saw it as I was browsing. You may have already made grad school plans, but I just wanted to share that I work for Mission Year which has a partnership with Eastern University for an MA in International Development. Our year of urban volunteer service combined with a Theology of Poverty course counts as your first year towards the masters degree. Just wanted to let you know in case you are still looking and it’s something that interests you. The hands-on aspect of the partnership is a pretty sweet deal. You can learn more about it at or message me for more info. I enjoy checking out your blog!

    • Thank you Sarah! I have read your blog & subscribed to you on fb and have heard wonderful things about mission year. 🙂 That is one of the main things I am considering actually. I will send you a message. Thanks so much for reading!!

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