Youth Building a Better World

This past weekend was wonderful. I am very grateful to have participated in the leadership camp of Jovenes Construyendo un Mundo Mejor (Youth Building a Better World). This is part of the foundation, Cruz Blanca Panamá, and is a teen mentorship and drug prevention program.


Group picture in Colón, Panamá.

I met new friends and really enjoyed my time swimming in the ocean, singing music together with guitars and drums and dancing. We had several group discussions, team building games and seminar reflection times as a part of the leadership training. It really encouraged me that these young people are so positive and passionate about changing their society for the better. They talked about the importance of seeing unique potential in each youth that come through their program, raising their self-esteem and helping them truly understand their identity so that they make wise decisions and do not give in to peer pressure.


My certificate of participation.

They had a song book that we used a few times to sing group songs. (it kind of felt like the kumbaya camp jokes… but I loved it) 🙂 All the lyrics talked about lending your brother a helping hand and speaking positively and sharing love and friendship. It really felt like a family and even though I was a visitor I felt included. I could tell that they all valued each other and treated one another with dignity and respect. It was a beautiful thing.

Gracias Cruz Blanca!

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