Darien medical trip photo journal

Here are some of my favorite photos from the medical trip last week here in Panama. My roles were: translator, explaining the medicine to families in the pharmacy and media (photographer.)

*side note: Although I enjoy photography a ton I don’t know if I can really consider myself a photographer. (the professionals get real touchy about that title being abused) I have a good camera and (at least one) good editing program but I understand that I have a ways to go. Yes, I consider my photography an art but if you can’t bring yourself to appreciate it as such, at least see it as pretty documentation. 🙂 thanks.

school girls

 (photo by Linda on her ipad) At the end of our second day of clinics, this group of school girls congregated around me to learn new English words and listen to my stories about the exotic United States of America.


Receiving vaccinations with a smile!


Doctor consultation.




Yaviza, Darien, Panama.


Suspension bridge in Yaviza over “Chucunaque” River. (not sure about the spelling, I just called it Rio Chocolate) Many kids have to cross it each day to get to school and anyone in an emergency has to use it to get to the hospital on the other side.


Love her!


Patients in line waiting to see the doctors. The brightly colored skirts are the traditional dress of the Embera Indian women. The custom is to go shirtless but they wear them when they come to town. I do have a picture of a woman following that custom in her own yard but I will not be sharing that one with the cyber world. I was going to respect her privacy but the pastor who was with us encouraged photographing the moment… most likely for the memory and documentation purposes, haha.


This little girl was so loving. I wanted to hold her all day. She came to our clinic on the second to last day with her three sisters, her mom and grandmother. Her older sister, Cecilia, had a few rotten front teeth so we found them a few new Scooby-Doo toothbrushes. Cecilia was so excited about her toothbrushes that she wanted to give something back. Right before they left for home she pulled from her backpack a little bag of government-issued school snack cookies and handed it to me. I think that’s the best gift I’ve received in a while.


Cecilia and her family.


Houses of the Embera Indians.

group shot

Group shot minus a few members. What a great team!

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