More thoughts on change.

I write about change quite often. I think maybe it is because I used to be so resistant to it and have more recently found it to be so freeing and necessary. It is one thing to change, whether willingly or by force, but it is another thing to better yourself (which is the desired result) of things changing. For the most part, change = growth.

One way I know that I’ve matured since my childhood and adolescence is the way I view change. I can remember as a child having certain future plans, clothing styles or interests that I swore by. I believed so much in whatever thing I had become invested in that I would even think to myself, “I hope I never grow out of this.” I deliberately refused to expand my thinking because I feared the inevitable: change. (of course there are things I haven’t grown out of and I still roll my eyes at the silly notion of having to grow up period… Peter Pan anyone?)

But these days I can say, “yeah, I might be a different person in 5 years and I am okay with that.” I am not going to try to control it, which so often is my tendency in life. I want to always be open to something new.

When we refuse to accept change we do ourselves a great disservice. We get stuck. We miss out on chances to learn and grow. Even when the factors that cause us to change are tragic or uncomfortable we have the opportunity to become better people because of it.

I think our God is a God of change and renewal and progression. Sometimes we try to drag Him back to the rut we’ve been stuck in for so long. I think He would rather us grab His hand and run forward. Life is an awfully big adventure, no?

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