I wish I were a morning person.

I wish I went to bed on time.

I wish all my jokes were funny.

I wish I read faster and remembered more.

I wish I journaled every day like I always say I will.

I wish I knew more about fine wine.

I wish I were able to dwell in a constant state of inspiration and gratitude.

I wish I didn’t get stains on every white shirt I owned.

I wish I had more safe places to be honest and that more people felt safe being honest with me.

I wish I were a better communicator.

I wish I told better stories.

I wish I didn’t live in a polarized, partisan society.

I wish I could confront all the little pains and insecurities inside myself rather than avoiding them.

I wish I could ride a bicycle without feeling like a poser.

I wish critics (real or imaginary) didn’t keep me from doing daring things.

I wish I were better.

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