Checking in…

En route to Honduras, sleeping in a hotel somewhere in the U.S. because we missed our connecting flight this evening. We will head out tomorrow and get busy running errands, grocery shopping, etc for the coming week and the medical team that will join us in a few days.

  • I just love airports. At the risk of sounding like a small town country girl, (which I practically am) airports just make the world feel a little bigger. And it reminds me that I don’t have as much control over things as I think I do. Strangely, that is a comfort.

Yesterday, I packed up my life in Tennessee, (again) threw my belongings in my car, said teary goodbyes to the roommates, friends, coworkers & neighbors (again) and headed “home” to Alabama where all my things are in storage. I really have gotten good at dramatic farewells. All too often I end up returning anyway. I packed what I could into a backpack and a carry-on suitcase and started on this two-week adventure…

Other than medical clinics like we always do, this trip will be sort of a prep time for me before I begin teaching. I hope to speak with the school supervisor and get some things taken care of before I head back to the states.

Then it will be wedding time for my best friend, Brianna!

Oh, life… you move really fast sometimes.

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