Settling in and Learning Lessons

It has been less than a week that I have been living in Honduras but I already feel settled in to my little apartment/room of the children’s home. I start meetings/training to teach my 1st-6th grade English classes tomorrow. 🙂 This weekend I spent the majority of my time in the girls home covering for a house mom who had the weekend off. What an experience! It was tiring but I learned a lot and bonded a little more with the 8 girls (+ baby) who live here. Kudos to all you moms out there. My respect for you went up just a little more this weekend!

What I’ve learned so far: (most from experience, some from hearsay)

  1. Wear insect repellant. At all times.
  2. If the kids don’t notice that it’s a badly recorded pirated movie (or that the aspect ratio is off), don’t say anything. Cringe silently to yourself like the good telecommunications graduate that you are throughout the entire thing.
  3. 14-year-old girls are fearless (at least the ones here) and will willingly remove the baby bird that has taken up residence outside your bedroom door when you are too terrified to move. (Not that many people I know have ornithophobia like I do)
  4. When your uncle tells you to learn to drive a stick shift before you move to Latin America and you argue that you probably won’t need to and he jokes and comes up with a hypothetical scenario where someone asks you to drive a manual car… he is probably more accurate than you think. I have a feeling I might need to learn stick shift eventually. And how to navigate this city.
  5. Don’t make eye contact with the lady selling homemade tajadas on the street… she will give you a sob story and she will guilt you into buying a bag. Again.
  6. Frozen dinners thaw 10 times faster on the counter of a kitchen that is 89 degrees fahrenheit.
  7. Walking home from church in a tropical country with a group of 17 kids will earn you a nice handful of colorful and exotic flowers/plants/weeds by the time you reach the gate.
I said home. 🙂

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