Quinceañeras, Independence Days & beach trips

The last couple of weeks have been busy and eventful.

I had the honor of photographing Vivi Lopez at her Quinceañera (15th birthday) celebration a couple weekends ago. What a fun night it was! (after a few stressful yet humorous wardrobe mishaps)

Her family is wonderful and I enjoyed meeting other extended family members that night. I was grateful to be a part of the festivities. (including dancing merengue with her grandmother!) 😉

Saturday was Honduras’ Independence Day so as a school, we marched in a patriotic parade on Friday morning. This is a very typical tradition in Latin America to celebrate a country’s Independence – students dress up in traditional outfits or as “Independence Girls/Princesses” or sports players… and many more costumes. We marched a few blocks (in the sweltering tropical sun) and ended up back at the school to participate in an acto civico (where they sing the national anthem & have a little presentation) and to enjoy a small brunch all together with students and parents.

These kids know their stuff! They all sing the anthem, which is about three stanzas longer than the U.S. anthem, and by a certain year in school they are tested on their knowledge of it. They also repeat the pledge and memorize “major and minor symbols” of their nation such as the national bird, tree, etc.

Later that afternoon, we teachers unloaded the textbooks that (finally!) arrived from the U.S. We are using Abeka Book curriculum and the shipment had been delayed… for about two weeks. :/ Afterwards, some of us joked around and had a little zumba exercise class in one of the classrooms then we all headed to Chili’s to celebrate Día del Maestro! (Teacher’s Day) Today, Monday, is actually Teacher’s Day and we had the day off. It’s a good thing too because I needed to catch up on my lesson planning and quiz grading!

On Saturday, the actual Independence Day holiday, I went with some friends to the beach! We are only about an hour away and although the sand is not fluffy and white like our sand back home… it is THE BEACH nevertheless. 🙂 I’m glad that I live so close.

We grilled out (carne asada) and had tortillas with beans. A lot of women and children were passing by selling coconut candy, popsicles, bread, etc so we bought some coconut bread from one lady. It was delicious!

Despite having tried to be cautious with my sun intake, I of course got burned. That way I could at least show my Honduran friends what it really means to be sunburned. Not just turn a couple shades darker… sunburn = red. So I was pretty much a walking tomato the next day at church. It is actually starting to turn to a nice tan shade I think. And it isn’t hurting as bad. 🙂


 I also wanted to share a few more photos that I’ve taken recently.

Sample of a couples shoot I did back home with some dear out-of-town friends a few months ago. Giannina and Timoteo. The Venezuelan and the Argentine.

Another sweet shot of baby Nohe.


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