We are already through half of 2013??

I can’t believe it’s the end of May and I haven’t written an update since the beginning of March! (and all of my half-empty journals at home are thinking, “yeah, we believe it.”)

Well lots has happened in the almost three months since my last post. Lots of things are stirring up, some of which I can’t quite yet disclose to the public… oohh, mysterious, right? Well, I have decided that one way to keep better in touch with friends and family back home and to keep everyone in the loop will be to send out occasional email updates. They will be a bit more intimate than a blog post and I don’t have to leave out certain information that I might not publish on my public website. If you would like to receive those emails, shoot me a message using the section of my page to the right of this article on the home page. –>

Now, what exactly has happened in my life over the last 11 weeks…

 1. I went home for the strangest and most bittersweet Spring Break/Easter/birthday of my life.

  • My sweet Pawpaw went home to be with the Lord. I was amazed that his passing was at the perfect time, right after I had gotten in the country and was able to go by and see him 24 hours prior and was able to stay for the funeral. Although not the most ideal circumstances, I was able to see almost all of my extended family which I had not counted on.
  • I spent an interesting and short but relaxing mini beach trip with my two youngest siblings.
  • I turned 24 and nothing fun happened. Wouldn’t do it again.

2. I visited Guatemala for the first time! I was reunited with the Church of God World Missions media team to document the Latin American Summit in Guatemala City. I loved it! I will have to go back to the country when I am not working in order to explore it a little better. I made some wonderful connections through the COG’s missions work in Latin America and I practiced/learned some more Portuguese. (I’m determined to make it to Brazil someday.) 🙂

3. Hogar Esperanza, the children’s home where I live, just welcomed four new precious children into their doors! (If you are interested in more info about them or how to help with this new financial need, also message me on the home page to the right of this entry.) The siblings have a background of abuse and neglect but the Lord is already bringing healing and restoration into their lives. Pray for their continued adaptation to their new home and that the youngest two would heal quickly of malnutrition and various other health problems.

4. Makin’ plans for the future. The school year is wrapping up here in Honduras and so is my commitment to live in the country. That by no means signifies me breaking ties with this place. I mean, c’mon, since my first trip a decade ago I have been trying to find ways to stay. Well… let’s just say I got a few. Stay tuned!

1 thought on “We are already through half of 2013??

  1. Kristen- So good to hear from you. Forgive me but I can`t remember if it was haiti or panama that we met on the vimm trip. Please refresh if you have time. I taught 3 semesters over two years time in tecuz the capitol city in honduras. I worked with mostly the upper class students, but they will lead the country some day. Ilove the people and growing church. I support two missionaries and a daycare center in the barrios. If you are interested, it is called nueva esperanza. I hope God blesses your future plans for Hhis glory and honor. Al Denny

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