|| Diet || Honduras has many tasty traditional meals to choose from; however, the country is well known for the typical meal that ALWAYS includes beans, rice, and tortillas. Geographically there is quite a change in cuisine from the west to the east. In the highlands of the central and western provinces, corn is the base for tortillas and most other dishes. The beans favored by pre-Colombian Mexico meet the root crops of South America and, as a result, Honduras boasts more than 20 kinds of tamales, made from steamed cornmeal and filled with meats, beans, vegetables, and chilies. In the eastern lowlands, the staple is rice and cassava root, flavored using pumpkin, plantain, coconut and seafood. A typical Honduran meal of a baleada or pastelito will cost only a couple dollars or less depending on what toppings or ingredients you choose. Full list and descriptions of Honduran foods: http://www.honduras.com/foods/

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