Get Involved with Missions!

People often ask me for advice about doing missions or how to even get started in the first place. Here are some helpful resources and organizations who take teams.

Perspectives is a great place to start if you aren’t sure whether you want to travel overseas or reach out to those around you here at home. This missions course is designed to reveal God’s heart for the nations and it will open your eyes to how many unreached people groups there are in the world and the great opportunity that we have here in the U.S. to share Christ’s love with our neighbors.

Operation Serve International takes medical teams to Mexico and Egypt. You can go as a medical professional or a volunteer. There are lots of ways you can be involved without having experience in the medical field. I went with them to Mexico City in 2010.

VIMM is Volunteers in Medical Missions. They take medical teams to many different countries. We received a VIMM team while I was in Panamá in 2011.

Mission Year is an urban ministry program and a great way to do missions in the U.S.

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