Final weekend in Panamá

So this is my last weekend here. It is full of video project work, making plans for my last day with the kids at the children’s home and a few outings with friends. I’m also finishing up another little project for Hogar Esperanza in Honduras.

Leaving here will be bittersweet but I am ready to get home for many reasons:

  1. Friends/family that I miss.
  2. Being able to get in my car and drive when I want to, where I want to on open roads free of traffic!! (where, for the most part, people don’t drive like idiots. if you don’t believe me, just spend a few days here.)
  3. Colder weather & the holidays. (& all the results of it: seasonal drinks at Starbucks, living room fires, winter clothing… the fact that I won’t sweat my makeup off after 10 minutes)
  4. The simple luxury of being able to use my cell phone for texts and calls again. COMMUNICATION. Being back in the loop.
  5. Cooking again… and not on a gas stove.
  6. Using a dryer for my clothes. (woohoo!)
  7. Zumba classes that I have missed. (that first one after 3 months of little exercise is going to kick my butt, I know)
See ya soon, US of A. 🙂

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